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SUBURBiA is a dj formation that was created in 1996 and held its first event in 1997. Since then, SUBURBiA has organised many events the main purpose of which is to entertain and offer the athens' audience the chance to dance to and listen to the music that influenced the dance mass movement over the years.

During this time, SUBURBiA has established itself as the best Old Skool Hardcore crew in Athens. This is the true word from our audience, people who love their music roots and combine them with the present. 

From our part, we continue to hunt down and aquire well-known, classic, rare and collective vinyls back from the days. Anthems and unique tunes are selected to be mixed in our every dj set, creating what can be only expressed as the feeling that we all tasted years ago, living in the old skool and breakbeat era.

Our evergrowing record collections also consist of Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore, Jungle, Drum&Bass, Gabba Hardcore and more. These are the sounds that we love and that you can enjoy when at a party of ours.

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22.September.2005 Profiles

27/January/18: After 18 years, we team up once more with Greg Staikos to bring you the best of planet hardcore! Friday 2/2/18 @the Place, Athens GR

28/January/17: "The Reunion" event coming up! Friday 24/2/17 @the Place, Athens GR

22/September/05: You can download and listen to the 25 minutes' sets that we mixed for the free CDs given at the 31.2003 event @ Graffiti. You can find them at the Profiles section.

20/September/05: Site has been moved to a new server! Also, you can now listen and download all our radio jingles in improved mp3 quality! Just visit the Our Parties section.

20/May/04: A big "THANK YOU" to all of you! The last event was great! Photos are now up, in the Our Parties section.

20.September.2005 Our Parties
20.September.2005 Server change
02.April.2005 Sections removed
20.May.2004 Our Parties
3.May.2004 Our Parties


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